The smell of death was atrocious, yet it never bothered John. He’d been travelling on those Aussie outback roads for as long as he could remember. Every dead fox, dead kangaroo, every dead rabbit, and every other dead animal deteriorating on those roads made him feel at home. Death brought a sense of closure within himself. He never swerved, he enjoyed watching the life leave out of an animals eyes and he drove straight through them, over them, felt like just another pothole in road. But that wasn’t what John thrived from the most, he is a sixty five year old male, why would animal road kill tickle his fancy when he could get away with something much more enjoyable, that made him feel like he was finally getting justice.

In the eyes of the law, John was a well-respected witness. Everyone knew John as someone who delivered flowers to roadside memorials, someone who lived on the road and mourned the loss of another driver. The locals and the law would appreciate the kind, loving heart John would portray when there was a car crash, even though the majority of the time, he was the reason outback death toll would rise on roads.

John would drive his Toyota land cruiser, towing his home on the back. The caravan was perfect for a single male.


Aussie Zoo

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With numerous educational show including tortoises, tigers, crocodiles, parrots , birds of prey, otters and gorgeous elephants. Catch a shuttle bus from one end to another if you aren’t a fan of walking!

These brothers are roughly 45 years old and are only teenagers

Are you looking for a fun day for an animal loving family? Then why not head over Australia zoo, the home of the Irwin’s and many native animals that have had to be rescued. There’s even a small water park area for the kids, including adult kids to splash around and cool off.

Just like this cute pair, keeping cool!

Take the kids to check out bindis trees house from the television program , most of us grew up watching.

Opens at 9am, with a full fun down of seeing gorgeous animals. Remember to pack plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen. If you are interested in the vet side of things book to take a sneak peek of the wildlife hospital. Which I believe was my favourite part.

The unknown

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Everything scares me,

My future scares me,

Bringing a child into this world scares me, not knowing how I’d survive being a mum and raising a child.

The next day scares me ,

What will trigger me tomorrow , I’m still learning how to adapt

The dreams I may dream tonight scare me, what If they arnt a dream and they are a memory.

Getting old scares me cause the people I love keep dying as I get older,

I’m don’t want to re live what I have already lived.

I have always said I didn’t want things in life cause I’m scared of the unknown.

Strawberry and mango smoothie

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Here I am again with a yummy snack , a snack you can drink and eat at the same time. Depends on how thick you want it. With the use of lactose free milk 🥛. With the help of my hand blender I created something delicious.

With frozen strawberries and mango , defrosted a little bit , and lactose free milk I made a super yummy smoothie . Once poured into a glass , I put sultana bran, fresh strawberries and a drizzle of honey. For someone who doesn’t eat breakfast, this was good to have in the morning.

The darkness


Im at that stage in life where I find sitting in the dark peaceful. Allowing my self to practice mindfulness, the running of the engine is off. The lights are off , here I sit with the stairs and the sugar cane . Away from the mess of mine room, away from drama and away from other people. Sipping on My ice coffee, inhaling that tobacco and listening to sad tunes.

I love my job but sometimes it can be very challenging for me. I haven’t been able to have a quiet time to myself for a while, not only is brain cluttered but so is my room. I go from having a stressful day , phone calls with the boss to back home when my grandfather is in my face stressing about the neglect I have done to myself. So here I sit in the darkness on a job site and hr before shift meditating. Trying to bring myself back to earth. Grounding.

This week my best friend lost her cat, and im so sad about that. That cat mesmt alot to me too. I’ve cried like four times. My uncles dad died and I have his funeral tomorrow 😢 I remember when I was younger my mum would take me to his farm for lunch he was a good bloke and has raised a wonderful son. As for the cat name lulu I had to break the news to my neice as it was to hard for her mum.

I’m so thankful for the ppl I work with checking in on me cause without their support I’d be under my doonah pretending I don’t exist.

800 tonnes!


An 800 tonne crane starred at the Auchenflower train station in Queensland a couple of weeks ago. The performance was exceptional that member of the public even came to view the show it put on. Out with old walkway bridge , that was frequently used for trainstation users, including those who were just out for walk.

This 800 tonne crane is the second biggest in the southern hemisphere, with counter weights weighing 470 tonne.

Gotta love working in construction sites !

Inner child is calling

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The edge of being happy for so long yet super stress has led me to the edge of oh feck it’s happening again. Sadness , is lurking I can feel it internally. The feeling I get before , I break down. I’ve been neglecting my own inner child, as I physically fill her with sugar and smoke her out with cigarettes. As I send her broke by spending countless of money thinking I’m rewarding to spoil her, in reality I’m keeping my inner child quiet, ignoring her cries for help from all this stress. Compressing it into a box once again, hoping I never have to deal with it. Unfortunately, it’s an on going cycle , a cycle in which I’ve used to survive. Yet, some choices have led me to this edge before I breakdown.
A cry is good , sleep is needed and so is self love for that inner child of mine. She’s calling for help, hoping I’d listen … only time will tell .
Every sunset is different, as tomorrow is a different day . Hopefully, tomorrow I wake up feeling refreshed and all this worry from stress is relieved, so my inner child can be at ease.

Field Of Happiness

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When a sunflower has character , wearing his little hat and the hands as leaves. Way too cute.

Last week my friends and I came across a field of happiness. One of my friends confidently asked the farmer if we could take photos in his field. He kindly let us. Most of the flowers were facing the sun looking away from us, and some looked like characters with hats. Absolutely gorgeous!

Bees with love didn’t mind us being there. Covered in pollen they continued working as we took photos. “Be kind to the bees and they are kind to you,”, I always like to say.
The last three sunflower images were taken on my Canon 1100D camera.