The darkness


Im at that stage in life where I find sitting in the dark peaceful. Allowing my self to practice mindfulness, the running of the engine is off. The lights are off , here I sit with the stairs and the sugar cane . Away from the mess of mine room, away from drama and away from other people. Sipping on My ice coffee, inhaling that tobacco and listening to sad tunes.

I love my job but sometimes it can be very challenging for me. I haven’t been able to have a quiet time to myself for a while, not only is brain cluttered but so is my room. I go from having a stressful day , phone calls with the boss to back home when my grandfather is in my face stressing about the neglect I have done to myself. So here I sit in the darkness on a job site and hr before shift meditating. Trying to bring myself back to earth. Grounding.

This week my best friend lost her cat, and im so sad about that. That cat mesmt alot to me too. I’ve cried like four times. My uncles dad died and I have his funeral tomorrow 😢 I remember when I was younger my mum would take me to his farm for lunch he was a good bloke and has raised a wonderful son. As for the cat name lulu I had to break the news to my neice as it was to hard for her mum.

I’m so thankful for the ppl I work with checking in on me cause without their support I’d be under my doonah pretending I don’t exist.


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